Clearing Blocked Drains & Pipes

Water Jetting Process

Our Water Jetting Services are a quick, efficient and an environmentally safe process used for clearing blocked drains and pipes that interfere with the proper flow of water to your sewer system. The process involves directing a stream of high pressure water through the pipes and drains to remove grease, grime and blockages in the pipes.

Suckers Excavations own all the water jetting machines and hoses required to clear blocked drains in Sydney, eliminating the need and cost of rental equipment. Our range of machines and equipment enables us to service jobs in any location while our ‘ute’ mounted water jetting system allows us to access underground car parks and basements as well.


Our equipment uses specialised nozzles that directs the water to the blockage at a specified pressure effectively clearing blocked drains quickly and successfully, using water directly from a tap. A series of water jets sends a stream of pressurised water through heavy duty hoses to a concentrated area cleaning the pipe walls along the way of built up grime and dirt leaving your pipes free and clean.

Benefits of Water Jetting To Clear Blocked Drains

Water Jetting Pipes is a safe method used to clear blocked drains and pipes of a variety of debris that can make its way into the system without causing damaging.


Many commercial businesses and restaurants find materials such as grease can build and dry on the walls of the pipes creating a hard layer of sediment, causing blockages in the pipes and sewer system. This can be due to the amount of dishes they clean each day.


Our high-tech equipment is designed to break through layers of sediment, penetrate grease and cut through sludge.

Pipe clearing using a concentrated stream of high pressure water can remove scale that hardens and adheres to the inside of the pipes while also flushing and cleaning the entire system.


Suckers Excavations have over 10 years experience clearing blocked drains in Sydney, so you can feel confident in contacting us any time of the day, 7 days a week. We are always on call to help you.