Excess Soil Removal

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Soil removal services

With any construction project large or small there’s likely going to be some digging involved. Excavation is a major part of the building process so that structures can be built on solid, stable, ground.

There is always one question that remains after the excavation has been complete though – what to do with the excess dirt? Piles of soil littered throughout a job site can create confusion and leads to a congested work area. These mounds impede the path of other machinery and can legitimately cause construction delays which is why it’s so important to have excess soil removed promptly.

Suckers Excavation provides not only non-destructive digging services in the Sydney Metropolitan area, the South Coast, and the Central NSW region we also specialise in removing that excess soil.

Why Is Soil Removal Necessary?


The soil removal services that we offer are about much more than just convenience. For one, excess building materials such as sand, soil, bricks, and clay hold great value for recycling instead of just being discarded as trash. Standing piles of sand and soil also present a safety risk on your job site as they can become contaminated by oil, fuel, pesticides, asbestos, and other chemicals.

The Benefits of Hydro Excavation

It should be noted that Suckers Excavation does not just remove piles of moved Earth littered around the job site. We are a hydro excavation company that uses the combination of pressurised water and an industrial strength vacuum to break up and remove soil at the same time. The use of water to break up the excess soil around piers, beams, and other supports eliminates the risk of damage to these features or local underground utilities.

Hydro excavation is non-mechanical and non-destructive. The process is fast, safe, and less invasive than other types of heavy equipment used in excess soil removal. The benefits of using hydro excavation and our new 7000L truck for soil removal include:

  • Limiting the congestion and the total number of vehicles going to and from a job site
  • Creating broken up soil that is easier and safer to transport and dispose of
  • Less environmental chaos caused by multiple pieces of heavy equipment disposing soil
  • Reduced labour costs and a more profitable bottom line
  • Water used in the hydro excavation process is recycled

Clean-up and removal jobs are completed faster using our 7000L truck because it can hold more soil than dump trucks and thus take less frequent trips back and forth to a disposal site.

You’ll not only be getting you job site back in full working order for the next step of construction, you’ll be doing so in an environmentally sound manner. Contact us today for more information.


What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro Excavation is the process of removing soil with water and a vacuum. The high pressure water breaks up the soil while the industrial strength vacuum evacuates it to a waiting truck.

What are the Benefits of Hydro Excavation?

A major plus of using water to excavate soil instead of digging equipment is that it reduces the risk of underground utility damage. Hydro excavation is non-mechanical and thus non-destructive.

Can Hydro Excavation Save Me In Project Costs?

Yes! Our process creates a slurry of soil and water that is actually faster and easier to transport. This results in less backfill, less labour needed for transport, faster clean up, and less restoration needed which all contribute to boost the bottom line of the project as well as speed up deadlines.

What Other Advantages Does Hydro Excavation Offer Compared to Conventional Digging?

Besides being a less invasive process, hydro excavation is more precise than mechanical digging. This allows for digging more exact holes and in tight, congested, spaces. Hydro excavation is also possible in cold weather and on frozen ground.

What Types of Holes Can Be Dug With Hydro Excavation?

In addition to your standard ‘hole’ for construction, we can also use our methods to do slot trenching to create space for underground pipes and cables to be placed. We can use hydro excavation to safely locate underground utilities without causing damage, a process known as ‘daylighting’. We can also use hydro excavation for precise piling digging for the placement of posts and poles.

What Is the Environmental Impact of Hydro Excavation?

All of the water used in the hydro excavation process is reclaimed and recycled. Our process actually has very positive environmental aspects, mostly because of the fewer trips needed to remove soil from a job site. This cuts down on truck emissions and fuel use.

Is Hydro Excavation Safe?

Hydro excavation has proven to be safer than conventional digging mostly due to the reduced risk of underground utility damage. Breaching an underground fuel line or clipping underground electricity can cause severe injury or death in addition to expensive damages. Our process of using water helps avoid the damage from these strikes.

Please contact us for more information about the hydro excavation process and how it can be used to cut costs and turnaround times for your specific project.