Cable & Pipe Locating Services

Cable & pipe locating Sydney, South coast, Newcastle

locatingUnderneath the ground in many areas, a detailed system of pipes, wires and cables carry necessary utilities to homes and buildings. Although hidden from view, this intricate underground network provides the framework for important and vital services. This infrastructure can be easily damaged when you dig into the ground unaware of what lies beneath the surface. When you work on a small or large project that requires you to dig into the ground, it is imperative that you identify the location of this underground system, and Suckers Excavation provides the thorough pipe & cable locating services that you need.


Need Pipe & Cable Locating Services?

When you dig into the ground without knowing the location of the utilities buried there, you run the risk of striking optical cables, electrical wiring, water or gas pipes as well as the possibility of danger and harm to yourself or others working on the site. Striking and damaging any of these can result in the disruption of service not only to your own property but also to surrounding properties and can result in unnecessary costly and time consuming delays for your projects. Not only this but there are a number of fines that can be incurred.

Suckers Cable & Pipe locating Services explained

pipe&locatingOur highly trained team at Suckers Excavation utilise our pipe and cable locating equipment, thoroughly checking the area so that you are aware of the location of underground infrastructure before you get started with your project.


We provide cable & pipe locating services the greater Sydney metropolitan area, the south coast and central NSW region. Our team is highly trained and experienced, and we use advanced equipment that can pinpoint the exact location of underground infrastructure without disrupting the ground. We can mark the location of different cables, pipes and other underground elements so that you and your workers can successfully complete the project.

Our company is committed to providing accurate and reliable information allowing you to work with confidence using the information our cable & pipe locating service provides.

Identifying and marking the location of the underground infrastructure on your property or work site is imperative to preventing injury, minimising risk or damage to your project and staff.


We are a reputable, well established excavation company that provides locating services for all of your project needs. For residential customers, we can provide you with assistance locating the pipes, wires and cables underground before embarking on new backyard projects or renovations. For commercial customers we provide our locating services for large and small projects. Any time you have plans to disrupt the ground and dig, we can provide you with a fast service that identifies areas you should avoid digging into without non-destructive hydro excavation. This can assist you to better plan your project, and allows you to contact your various service providers to have the infrastructure relocated if necessary. Before you finalise your project plans, it is important to determine where the underground infrastructure lies, and we offer the services you need.