Potholing Services

Fast, reliable potholing

Commercial and Residential Property owners that wish to build or expand on their property should understand it is very important to consult with a qualified construction contractor before beginning any in-depth digging or drilling. It is essential that property owners or construction managers do their homework to discover what, if any, underground water pipes or utility lines (such as gas lines, fiber optics, electric lines, phone or cable lines) might lie unseen below the surface on the property. Failure to obtain potholing services in Sydney can result in extended disruptions of utility services while repairs are made or replaced, serious health and safety hazards, and extremely expensive repairs.

What is Potholing?

Potholing is a specialized hydro-excavation technique used by construction contractors for the purpose of removing any surface hardscape such as rocks or stones (or other hard materials) and the loosening of any compacted soil. This allows for easier access to, and identification of, any underground lines, pipes and/or utilities before construction digging or drilling commences.

Why is Potholing Important?

Failure to retain potholing services in Sydney can result in many problems, such as:

  • Disruptions of Utility Services – Many utility companies bury the lines that provide their services. Sometimes signage may be posted that indict where buried lines are, but in many cases, there is no signage identifying such buried hazards.
  • Health and Safety Hazards – Accidentally drilling or digging into a hidden, buried gas line or buried electric line is an extremely dangerous practice. It can carry serious safety issues. Digging without knowing what dangers lie beneath the ground can result in life-threatening injuries or even death. Risks of electrocution, serious gas leaks, the need for emergency services, and the necessity of to evacuating a neighborhood a just a few of the health and safety risks that can occur whenever someone digs without knowing what lies beneath the ground.
  • Expensive Repairs for Damages – Not knowing where buried hazards are may result in expensive damages and the costs related to the property owner for repair or replacement of damaged or destroyed equipment. These costs can quickly amount to thousands of dollars.

How is Potholing Performed?

Suckers Excavations follow a step-by-step, precise process when providing pot holing services in Sydney.

  1. Contractors will consult the original property construction plans, when available, to check for the existence of any known underground utilities or pipes.
  2. Once it has been determined that underground utilities do exist on the property, contractors will then conduct a visual inspection for exactly where these utilities are located on the property. There are a variety of tools that contractors have at their disposal for doing this, such as ground-penetrating radar and sewer cameras used for locating buried pipes.
  3. Once the buried utilities have been visually located, pot holing in Sydney can begin. Contractors proceed with removing the hardscape and loosening up compacted soil to make it easy to expose any buried hazards or utilities. Contractors will then fully map out the area.
  4. After pot holing is completed, the construction contractors will return the property back to its normal condition by back-filling any excavations created by the pot holing process. Property owners that need pot holing services in Sydney will not have to concern themselves with filling in any holes.

Once a property has been pot holed, the property owner will have a permanent record of where underground utilities are located for that particular location. This makes it convenient for conducting future repairs or any future drilling or digging in that area of the property.

Are Potholing Services in Sydney safe?

Potholing is a highly recommended, pre-construction digging precaution and practice. It is an effective, efficient, non-destructive, and safe method for safely locating buried utilities. It helps to combat expensive damages to and/or destruction of subsurface infrastructures. It is a wise safety measure for protecting properties and people.

Property owners desiring to build or install any type of new construction that may require the use of digging or drilling should always inquire about the use of pot holing services in Sydney. Remember: Never dig or drill blindly on a piece of property. To do so could place existing structures, equipment, and personnel at increased risk for expensive and/or extensive damages. Digging near underground utilities may have legal implications (check local building requirements) and could potentially place people at risk for serious injury or death.