Stormwater Pit Cleaning

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How does stormwater pit cleaning work?

When it comes to stormwater management, flow, structure and systems; stormwater quality is highly important. In the same way, the water quality that runs through the systems and devices is essential.

Stormwater pits are storage devices or containers that collect water. They are used to contain water runoff for long periods of time. The structure itself needs to be big enough to hold water runoff so that it can dissipate through drain pipes and still maintain the flow.

Utilisation of Storm Drains and Stormwater Pits

Storm drains are used to manage the magnitude of rain that runs off parking lots, sidewalks and roofs through stormwater pits. The excess water is generally directed away from all structures to water areas like rivers, streams and lakes via pipe channels and storm drains.

Stormwater Pit Cleaning

The importance of keeping your stormwater pit cleaned cannot be over emphasized.
The device is meant to collect debris and prevent it from entering the tunnel system. If debris enters the system, it can cause major problems and contaminate important water supplies. As well, a stormwater pit can help prevent flooding such as overflow into a parking lot, massive water in the streets and water that can back-up near your home and cause damage to both the exterior and interior.

Suckers Excavations are able to clean and flush stormwater pits with our non-destructing hydro vacuum. Not only are we able to clean the stormwater pit in a much more efficient manner, but disposing of debris is much, much easier.

Maintaining your stormwater pit is pretty simple. However, good maintenance is crucial. What’s more, periodical inspections of your drainage system and stormwater collection system will help prevent future damage to your home and property.

Typically, stormwater pits should be cleaned or at least inspected about two times a year. Generally the best times for cleaning are in the spring and autumn before winter sets in. Also, keep in mind that areas like New South Wales, Australia may need more maintenance due to the amount of hard rainfall and average 30 thunderstorms per year. Although there are a lot of areas that are have droughts, there are also heavy storms and periodic flooding.

Moreover, if there is ever any doubt that your stormwater pits may need cleaning or serviced, contact us as soon as possible. It is far more cost effective to have your system checked a few times a year than to have extensive damage caused by flooding.