Sucker truck hire

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Suckers Excavations has the expertise to safely access and excavate around gas lines, water pipes and tree roots, as well as electrical and telecommunications cables without damaging them.

Need to hire a sucker truck?

Suckers Excavations has the expertise to safely access and excavate around gas lines, water pipes and tree roots, as well as electrical and telecommunications cables without damaging them. Our hydro excavation professionals save you, time, money, and effort.

Although a number of ways exist to remove the dirt and debris from around your home or business, a sucker truck hire is the clear choice and the safer option. Within the ground lie vital components for every business and home to run properly. Often in the midst of people digging up the earth, costly damage can be done to various types of pipes and cables. Our sucker truck hiring company offers the best service and the safest service in Sydney, Australia, and the surrounding area.

What is a sucker truck?

A sucker truck is a safe and technologically-advanced option for all of your debris removal and excavating needs. If there is any job that requires the cleanup of debris, dirt, or sludge, a sucker truck is right for you. Our trucks also specialise in excavation and will safely penetrate the earth around your business or home. This will allow you to rest well at night knowing that there will not be any added costs or hassles of broken sewage pipes or critical electric cables.

At our sucker truck hiring company, our trucks blend hydro excavation technologies with a powerful vacuum. When the pressurised water combines with the suction of the hose, it creates a safe and effective way of cleaning up and removing debris and sludge while also allowing for excavation. A sucker truck hire will be the best and safest option for you.

What areas does our sucker truck hire company service?

Our company services Sydney and the neighbouring areas. We will travel as far north as Newcastle and down the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. If you have any questions about our sucker truck hire service in your area, do not hesitate to call for further information.

Why choose a sucker truck?

As already stated, a sucker truck will safely excavate and remove dirt, sludge, and debris from around your home and business. Often the locations of various pipes, lines, and cables in the ground are not properly recorded or known at all. Another factor to consider is that a sucker truck is the quieter alternative to the other forms of dirt removal and excavating equipment. You will also see upon hiring a sucker truck that the job itself will be done quickly and efficiently.

Why choose our sucker trucker hire service company?

Our organisation is a localised Sydney-based company, and as a result our efforts are not divided. We pour ourselves out for those living in Sydney and the neighbouring areas. We consist of a tight-knit team that is here to serve you. We believe that you will benefit greatly in choosing us for your next excavating or dirt-and-debris removal job.

We will provide the right truck for the job with a qualified driver to make sure the job is done right. Often excavating equipment is rented out without the assistance of a qualified professional who knows how to operate it. When hiring a sucker truck with us, you can rest assured that you will get both the right equipment and the right man for the job.

Locating & Potholing

Any buried services or objects can be clearly identified and marked within a work site to ensure your team knows the exact location of all underground objects when working on a site.  Once located we can ‘pothole’ each object for easy identification and location.


Not only can we locate items in any given area with this procedure, but we can proceed to pothole those underground objects. The result? Any buried services or objects will be clearly identified and marked within the work site, ensuring your team knows exactly where objects are when working

Post Holes for Fences & Sign

Manually digging just a few post holes can be a time consuming and labour intensive task, so if you need to dig a number of these there is a much faster way. Suckers Excavations has dug post holes for many applications including fences, signs and poles by utilising both water pressure and vacuum suction to excavate the holes. Our specialised equipment is precise, meticulous and suitable for trenches, post holes or large excavation projects.


Suckers Excavations will employ its trenching process that utilises non-destructive digging to locate and reveal any objects that may have escaped your attention. We are able to follow any line service, pipe or wire which can be excavated and examined visually once exposed by our high pressure water and vacuum excavation.

Pier Hole Cleaning

Storm debris, rotten branches, stumps, old leaves, loose dirt, rocks and refuse type materials can build up on construction sites rather quickly. Suckers Excavation has the equipment to thoroughly clean pier holes prior to pouring concrete resulting in clean, uncontaminated concrete and optimal results.

Pit Cleaning

Suckers Excavations’ fleet of trucks utilise suction to clean electrical, communication, or  stormwater pits.  Using suction to remove water, sludge and water borne debris is a practical and environmentally friendly method for pit cleaning.


A water logged construction site can delay progress and increase costs depending on the amount of water and where it is being retained. Water on a concreted areas will remain much longer than that on dirt. Our fleet of trucks are able to remove rain water from post holes, trenches, pier holes and pits.

Removing Driller Mud

Mud and soil as a result of drilling is inevitable on any site and apart from creating a mess may also be a health and safety risk for staff while also being time consuming to remove when done manually. Wet or dry, Suckers Excavation can remove this excess material from your site and dispose of it properly.

Flushing/Cleaning Stormwater Pits

During the course of a project, many items and debris can build up in the stormwater pits resulting in blockages. Suckers Excavations can clean and flush stormwater pits of rubbish, soil, leaves, branches and other items using our non-destructive stormwater pit cleaning process.